Hand Trimmed Premium Flower

Hand Crafted Pre Rolls

Strain List
Alien Girl - Dirty White Girl - DJ Short Blueberry - Blackberry -  Citrique - Do-Si-Dos
Forbidden Fruit - Green Crack - Miracle Alien Cookies - Mochi Gelato - Mount Hood Magic - RudeBoi - Silver Cake - Skush - Snoops Dream - Sunday Driver - Sunset Sherbet - Tropicana Cookies - Pineapple Punch - Purple Punch - Tangie - Taffie - Wedding Cake
Strains are always in rotation. Not all strains are available at all times.
Products that are available can be ordered online.
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Below are a few recent Cannabinoid and terpene test results.
Dirty White Girls 25.0%
Cherry Pie 23.8%
Alien Girl 24.2%
Pineapple Punch 24.3%
Snoops Dream 24.7%

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This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. This product may be unlawful outside of

Washington State.